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Velocity Video
Posted by Kate Ashley - Executive Director, Marketing & Retail Channel

Velocity Video has launched. We're just dipping our toes into this crazy new medium and would love your feedback as we continue to explore.

This first video shows one gamer's quest to dominate his arch enemy.

And this documentary depicts possible side effects of a Velocity Micro PC on domestic tranquility.

Coming soon - the Velocity Micro video contest...
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Velocity Micro Affiliate Program Updates
Posted by Chip Lowell - VP Sales and Marketing

Most people visiting Velocity Micro are shopping for a new kick butt PC. And we hope that's you! But some folks come by to see how much money they are making from us -- that's right, making money from Velocity Micro! How? By being a member of our affiliate program. They joined our Velocity Micro Affiliate Program and recommend our PCs on their Facebook sites, MySpace sites or other personal websites. You can do it, too!

When someone buys a system from us that you recommended our way, we pay you commissions starting at 3% of the total purchase! We have affiliates earning $1,000's monthly - just by helping us spread the word about our award winning, high performance PCs.

When you sign up, you get a personal account center. This area grants you access to custom banners and text ads you can put up on the web with a simple piece of copy/paste code. Anyone clicking on them from your site is credited to you when they buy! Another cool thing is if someone clicks on your link - then joins our affiliate program like you did - they become a 'sub-affiliate' to you. You earn 25% of the commission they generate themselves from any and all links and banners they put up on their own sites.

  1. Direct Referral Example: Someone clicks a banner on your site and buys a $2,500 PC from us. We pay you $75.00!
  2. Sub-Affiliate Referral Example: You recommend someone to us who becomes an affiliate. Then, someone they have visiting their site clicks a banner to us - and buys a $2,500 PC from us. Your sub-affiliate earns $75.00 -- and YOU earn 25% of that: $18.75

Everyone likes extra cash in their pockets - this even gives you a way to earn your way to a new Velocity Micro PC. So, if you have a site or two, join the affiliate program and get your site earning money for you!
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Velocity Micro is obsessed with creating the perfect PC experience, offering the ultimate in quality, value, performance, and now--information! Visit us often for product updates, event coverage, technology news, and our view on the industry.

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