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There's something different...
Posted by Kate Ashley - Executive Director, Marketing & Retail Channel

Peering around the site lately, something is definitely different...

The creative team has just launched a new look and feel for the website. Our goal is to make it even easier to find what you're looking for (check out our new search feature) - whether that's your next killer gaming computer or more information about the latest barrier-breaking technology, and to line up the experience of browsing with the experience of owning and using a Velocity Micro PC - fast, stunning, and exhilarating (perhaps a tall order for a website - but we like to think we've come as close as possible. We've already mastered this in the PC space). While I won't steal the thunder of upcoming enhancements to the site - and we have a lot of exciting additions coming - I can say that these innovations will allow a higher degree of interaction with Velocity and much more opportunity for user-generated input than we have previously had. So be sure to check back frequently (why not sign up for our newsletter?).

Ultimately, our goal is for to become the destination for gamers, enthusiasts, and users searching for the perfect PC experience - whether you're buying one today or checking in to learn more.

*let us know what you think of the new design. add your comments below and help us shape the new look of
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