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Another Editors' Choice Award
Posted by Randy Copeland - Founder

We’ve done it again. Our bang for the buck dynamo, the Vector™ Campus Edition, has been named Editors’ Choice by PC Magazine again for 2008. Recognized for its combination of performance, features, and value, the editors of PC Magazine have made the Vector™ Campus Edition their top choice for back to school desktop PCs.

Our goal has always been to create ultra performance, award winning PCs by using the very best parts, a meticulous build process, and our expert support. It’s what we do and who we are. It’s the Velocity Difference. I want our customers to have confidence that their computer investment is the best total value for the 4 years or more that a student will need to depend on a PC for their digital life and lifestyle.

Speaking of a computer for back to school, I still think a desktop is the way to go. Few students lug a laptop around campus for more than a few weeks at the start of the year, and a powerful, upgradeable desktop has a far better chance of getting through the four grueling years of college. No, it’s not as convenient to bring home on breaks, but there are plenty of handheld devices that can get them through. (I hate to admit I regularly do email on my iPod Touch!)

We created our 2008 Campus Edition Desktop as an extension of this philosophy. Configured to live right in that sweet spot where performance, features, and value meet, we wanted the Campus Edition to epitomize who we are. I have to say we did a great job of doing so, creating what really is the ultimate PC for back to school, and I’m proud of the fact that PC Magazine has recognized that. In this economy, our larger OEM rivals are really gunning for our little space in the industry, and this accolade proves that there is more to meeting customer needs than just a super low price. The Velocity difference is something they just don’t have, fortunately.

Look for more of the same from us in the coming months. Neither Velocity Micro nor the ultra performance computers that we build will be slowing down one bit.

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