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So...what's new?
Posted by Ben Smelley - Manager, Product Development & Quality Control

A seemingly simple question, yet overly complex at the same time. Honestly, in regards to components, when in the technology industry is anything the same for an extended period of time? With the exception of the floppy drive, there is hardly anything that isn't being constantly updated, refreshed, improved, or completely overhauled.

In a world where innovation, at least so-called innovation, reigns supreme, how do you discern what's new and improved against what's simply new for the sake of being new? Much of the PC industry (manufacturers specifically) is hung up on the term "innovate", but can anyone legitimately show me where anyone is innovating? I can. The key to "innovation" is being able to develop and launch these new products, but still offer to your customers the value they deserve. Keeping your product lines on the bleeding edge while not making your customers bleed for it should be the #1 goal of any PC manufacturer. We have built a solid foundation around this formula.

What makes us so successful? Our loyalty and sense of duty to you, our customer - current and potential. That is what the Velocity Experience is all about. That is what we mean by "building the perfect PC experience".

Call our sales line, talk to us about your computing needs, let us build a system to your exact specifications and support it like you have always dreamed someone could. Trust us with your digital life. Computers have become an intricate part in all of our lives. Doesn't your experience deserve to be the best available? We think so.
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