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The best gets better
Posted by Jessica Blackwell -- Director, Customer Care

Today I am very pleased and excited to announce the formal launch of Velocity Micro’s new Support Hub. We were very proud last year when our customers’ votes allowed us to receive PC Magazine’s Readers' Choice award for Best in Service and Reliability (beating out our bigger competitors and the smaller guys too). That recognition inspired us to work harder to continue to deliver the exceptional service that Velocity Micro customers have come to expect. We reached out to customers to find out how we could improve our service; solicited feedback from our employees on what tools we could provide to assist them in delivering best in class service; and the leadership team of Velocity Micro worked on defining what drives us as a company. Taking these three important inputs we created a mission statement for Velocity Micro:

“Velocity Micro designs, builds, and supports a superior PC experience through meticulous craftsmanship, focused attention to detail, and using the highest quality components. We create this experience for the joy of PC enthusiasts who appreciate the difference. We generate a fair profit for the benefit of our employees, shareholders, and the greater community.”

With a clear purpose we began the work of redefining the experience we wanted to share with customers. The extensive update to our website was the first step. The launch of our Support Hub is another important and exciting evolution in setting the standard for Best in Class Customer Service.

The Support Hub is a robust database of articles, tutorials, videos, and self help guides for customers. An extensive library of downloads, drivers, manuals, and diagnostic tools. A ticket management system that allows our customers to submit requests to Technical Support; check the real time status of requests; post comments directly into support tickets for our technicians to see; and have a history of contacts with technical support to reference. Internally we have also upgraded our contact management system so that our technicians have improved visibility on their tickets and better access to resources and support tools.

In the spirit of our mission statement the Support Hub has been launched to benefit our employees and most importantly our customers. We also wanted to give back to the PC Enthusiasts who have allowed us the privilege of being a part of their community. Unlike many support sites that only offer on-line support to their customers or charge subscription fees we have made the conscious choice to open 90% of our knowledge database to anyone with the common passion for PCs and technology. We hope the Support Hub will become a destination for our customers and enthusiasts alike to learn and share information.

Welcome to Velocity Micro Support where you can now call us, email us, submit a request online, or search our knowledge database for the latest information and support tips for your PC. We know our mission is ongoing and so we are committed to continuing to challenge ourselves to deliver the best in class support that our customers deserve.
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