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What's Your Velocity?
Posted by Kate Ashley - Executive Director, Marketing & Retail Channel

Crozet Pizza may make the best damn pizza ever. Nestled in the Shenandoah mountains outside of Charlottesville, it’s a gemlike example of doing everything right. Until very recently, each pizza was made by the restaurant’s founder to order (in 2004, he passed the reins on to his daughter and son-in-law). Even takeout orders have to have reservations; the ingredients are simple but gourmet; the surroundings rustic and simple so as not to distract from center ring; and the service is excellent. Perfecting each element of the experience is something Crozet Pizza has down to an art and a science.

It serves as an inspiration. I see a lot of parallels with Velocity – being a part of something that’s working around the clock to deliver a more perfect experience to its customers – that’s why I love doing what I’m doing here at Velocity.

As amazing as Crozet Pizza is, it’s developed a quite loyal following. Autographed pictures of Muhammad Ali and other celebrities line the walls. But perhaps most amazing is Crozet Pizza’s power wall – covered with pictures of people wearing the Crozet Pizza t-shirt everywhere in the world – there’s even one of an astronaut in orbit holding up a Crozet Pizza t-shirt!

And that’s inspired us to launch the Velocity Micro video contest –show us "what's your velocity" - meaning what inspires you, drives you, makes you get out of bed in the morning. Check out our contest page, read up on the rules, and submit your video here! Submissions will be posted on our YouTube contest page. Grand prize winner will receive a $10,000 Velocity Micro Raptor Gaming PC. (check out the killer specs here)

So get cracking! Deadline is 6.1.2008.

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