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NetMagix HQ HomeServer Launches!
Posted by Chip Lowell - VP Sales and Marketing

We have launched our newest product, the Velocity Micro NetMagix HQ HomeServer. This product finally brings the power of a full server into your home - with a really slick chassis design, very easy setup, and really cool features. Here's what you can do with your own HomeServer:
  • Centralized Backup - Allows backup up to 10 PCs, using Single Instance Store technology to avoid multiple copies of the same file, even if that file exists on multiple PCs.
  • Health Monitoring - Can centrally track the health of all PCs on the network, including antivirus and firewall status.
  • File Sharing - Offers network shares for computers to store the files remotely, acting as a network-attached storage device. Separate categories are provided for common file types like Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos. The files are indexed for fast searching.
  • Printer Sharing - Allows a centralized print server to handle print jobs for all users.
  • Previous Versions - Takes advantage of Volume Shadow Copy Services to take point in time snapshots that allow older versions of files to be recovered.
  • Headless Operation - No monitor or keyboard attached to the device itself, much like a firewall or router.
  • Remote administration - Provides a client UI to remotely perform administrative tasks. Also allows Remote Desktop connections to the server.
  • Remote Access Gateway - Allows access to any PC on the network from outside the home.
  • Media Streaming - Can stream media to a Xbox 360 or other devices supporting Windows Media Connect.
  • Data redundancy - Guards against a single drive failure by duplicating data across multiple drives.
  • Expandable Storage - Provides a unified single and easily expandable storage space, removing the need for drive letters.
  • Extensibility through Add-Ins - Add-Ins allow third-party developers to extend the features and functionality of the server. Add-Ins can be developed using the Windows Home Server SDK, to provide additional services to the client computers or work with the data already on the server. Add-Ins can also be ASP.NET applications, hosted in IIS 6 running on WHS.
Order yours today! If you have any questions, just give Velocity Micro sales a call at 800-303-7866 or chat online. (Microsoft has a great blog on WHS, check it out, too)
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