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Velocity Micro Product Development Update
Posted by Ben Smelley - Manager, Product Development & Quality Control

At Velocity Micro, we have a plethora of new products in the lab that we can’t wait to launch. For those of you that don’t know, I am the new Product Development Manager here at VM. I have been with the company for a year now, and most of that time has been spent working in the Product Development Department.

I look forward to the incredible potential we have to create a diverse product line and provide those offerings to a unique set of customers. One of the challenges we face, and have excelled at over the past months and years, is the ability to cater to the main stream market while retaining our reputation with the enthusiast crowd. We have a number of products releasing in the months ahead that will tie our product lines together and merge sectors of the market that have previously been isolated – it’s all VERY exciting. As this is my inaugural blog post, I will give you an update on our newest product in the lab – Windows Home Server.

Windows Home Server is by far the one product that has me eagerly awaiting its release. Home Server carries a big punch in a small package; it will give you the ability to control your entire household from a central location, and even has remote control capabilities. Here is a brief run-down of the features:

- Organize your information in one central place

- Automatic daily backups of your home PCs

- Ability to restore lost files or an entire PC

- Access all files on your Home Server from any networked PC in your house

- Share photos and home videos through a personalized web address

(for example:

- Easy and quick setup

- Expandable storage space for future use

We will be introducing many more products in the following months that will definitely make you drool. Keep the blog bookmarked and check back regularly as we will have more in depth updates on each of them!

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Velocity Micro Wins PC Mag Service and Reliability Award
Posted by Jessica Blackwell -- Director, Customer Care

Today is an exciting day for Velocity Micro as PC Magazine readers rated Velocity Micro “with the highest overall score among Windows PC manufacturers, 8.6 out of 10 [in the desktop category],” in its 20th annual survey of tech support and computer reliability. The only other company in the entire survey to score higher then Velocity Micro was Apple. In the categories of Overall Satisfaction, Reliability and Likelihood to Recommend Velocity Micro’s customers let it be known that “Velocity Micro is the company to watch.”,1895,2182830,00.asp

This is a wonderful confirmation from our customers that Velocity Micro is taking the right steps not only in the meticulous production of our PCs, but also in our commitment to support our customers and stand by our product. We have set the bar very high and now our goal is to stay at the top and to continue to deliver best in class service. This is not an easy task and with the recognition and growth of our company comes new challenges to serve and satisfy more customers with increasingly diverse needs and expectations.

So is Velocity Micro up for the challenge? Absolutely! Over the past couple of months we have made critical investments in technology, processes and most importantly people to ensure that we continue to lead the pack. We are adding more members to our Technical Support team to minimize wait times in queue and maximize our service to customers. Selecting the right people to join our Technical Support & Repair team is not a task we take lightly; it is adding new members to our family. On a personal note, as a new member (1 month in) of the Velocity Micro family, I have never before seen a group of people more passionate about the product they support or more committed to serving their customers. We will continue to do the right thing for our customers by 1) keeping our technical support and repair on-shore and in-house 2) by continuing to maintain the highest standards of technical knowledge in our support staff and 3) by listening to the feedback of our customers.

Today is a day to be proud of the accomplishments of the company. It is also a time to think about what actions we need to take to remain at the top. Recognition like the PC Magazine reader’s survey confirms what we already know, WE ARE COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE, but it doesn’t mean we are perfect! Let it be said with honesty and candor, “We will not always get it right”. Velocity Micro will continue to look internally and evaluate how as individuals and as a company we can challenge ourselves to improve.

Finally, today is a day we are thankful that we have such amazing dedicated customers, who share with us our successes, our opportunities, and their ideas on how we can improve and grow. We know that we must continue to work hard to maintain your support and trust!

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