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Integration Innovation - June Edition
Posted by Chris Morley

Hey folks, here’s another update on what’s going on with Velocity Micro products!

Radeon HD 2900 XT – Available in 512MB and 1GB Smoothness

ATI’s back in the game with their all new high performance DX10 video card. With a wildly different design from NVIDIA’s king of the roost G80, it’ll be interesting to see how the performance landscape pans out with DX10! Speaking of which, has anyone tried Call of Duty in DX10? Amazing. Check out the explosions and fog effects, as well as zoom into the grass as close as you can get – good stuff! Props also to Diamond for being a great partner...

Intel’s 3-series Grand Slam

There’s something comforting about Intel chipsets and motherboards. Remember the 440BX chipset? The 3-series chipsets support next-gen Intel processors and DDR3 memory down the road.

Intel’s refreshed their 965 line with a great offering of features and performance with the new 3-series lineup which includes, for now, the G33 and P35 chipset. Replacing the G965 and P965 respectively, the boards they have built around these chips are incredibly feature rich! My personal favorite, the P35 Dragontail Peak, adds 2 more SATA ports over the P965, as well as RAID, S/PDIF audio, and Dolby Home Studio certification. It’s a Media Series board, so of course it’s VIIV enabled. All of this for about the same price as the P965 Lemont board! You’ll find this board as the backbone of the ProMagix HD, ProMagix PCX, and the ProSonix Digital Studio. Expect it to refresh our CineMagix Grand Theater in the next week or so.

Next up are our G33 offerings, the G33 Frostburg and G33 Tower lake. These boards feature Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3100 with Clear Video Technology to deliver exceptional 2D visual quality and horsepower for Vista Aero Glass 3D GUI. The G33 Frostburg can be found in the Vector GX. The G33 Tower Lake, which is chock full of features like DVI and VGA, 7.1 Surround Sound, and RAID, is the backbone of the Vector PCX Digital Media PC (one of our best high performance digital media PCs in terms of features and value, IMHO) and the ProSonix DAW.

DDR2-800 or Bust!

Say goodbye to DDR2-667, all of our systems have been upgraded standard with Corsair DDR2-800 memory. And if you want even better performance, upgrade to Corsair Dominator memory with Dual-path Heat eXchange technology for faster performance and cooler operation.

Hello Hitachi

As many of you have noticed, we’ve mostly finished transitioning all of our desktops to Hitachi hard drives. Hitachi’s performance and value fits right in with our philosophy at Velocity Micro, and they’re here for the long haul, too, providing us with the support we need to ensure we’re delivering quality products to our customers. We’re proud to have Hitachi as a technology partner.

The Pentium is dead! All hail the Pentium!

In case you’re wondering if we’ve gotten a case of nostalgia in offering Pentium Dual Core technology, you’re in for a surprise. The all new Pentium Dual Core is based on Core 2 technology. While offering less L2 cache and a slower FSB than its big brothers, there’s no denying that the performance and price have filled a much needed gap in Intel’s processor lineup. So say goodbye to the venerable NetBurst architecture, and welcome a new value leader! You can find this processor as the base configuration for the Vector GX.

Play Movie 1.5 is coming!

What’s that? It’s Cyberlink’s plug-in for Media Center that allows seemless playback of Blu-ray AND HD-DVD media! It will replace our PlayBD plug-in that only does Blu-ray. And to boot, it does hook into NVIDIA’s PureVideo HD and ATI’s AVIVO technology to enhance visual quality and reduce CPU overhead. Here’s the real kicker – it also plays DVDs and it’s noticeably better in image quality than Microsoft’s own MPEG2 decoder! So even if you’re not interested in Blu-ray or HD-DVD; if you’re a discerning A/V enthusiast, Play Movie 1.5 is the bee’s knees.
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Welcome to the family, Circuit City
Posted by Randy Copeland - Founder

Today is yet another day of celebration at Velocity Micro, as we announce our agreement to begin selling Velocity Micro systems in select Circuit City stores around the US. Circuit City, a fellow Richmond based company, is a powerhouse in electronics retailing, and exactly the kind of company we want to associate with. We both share passion for our customers, a desire to meet their needs, and a belief that many computer shoppers want a premium alternative to the current offerings from the gigantic multinational builders.

I think this announcement confirms three things. First, the premium PC category is alive and well, and growing in importance for retail shoppers and sellers. I've written before about the race many of the giant PC companies are in to make computers cheaper, with more bloatware and less service. If computing is an important part of your daily digital life, this is not exactly the experience you need. Our premium category is growing, and Velocity along with it, because more and more people are reliant on the PC to organize their life, escape into immersive entertainment, generate and share creativity, or a combination of these three aspects. I guess a few people actually do work, too. What all of these users want is a fast computer with great parts, a tasteful pure aluminum case, meticulously assembled by craftsmen, and supported by the very folks who built it. You can watch as more of the giant builders will try to recreate this experience with new branding and slick plastic boxes, but the desire to offer this entire experience is not easy to pull off for bigger companies. That's why we're here today.

So the second confirmation is that Velocity Micro is the clear leader in this enthusiast space. If you know us, you know we've won more industry awards than pretty much anybody, and that's competing with these giant companies for the coveted Editors' Choice awards. Simply put, we are building the very fastest computers in the world, and we happen to offer pretty reasonable pricing for our systems as a bonus. All along, my vision has been to build boutique systems that every enthusiast can afford, and being selected by the #1 and #2 largest electronics retailers proves to me that we have created the right balance of performance and value to appeal to the mainstream base these retailers cater to. I can assure you, these companies are professionals at selecting products their customers want, so it's satisfying to be the enthusiast brand choice of both Circuit City and Best Buy.

And the third confirmation is that Circuit City is now a major player in the enthusiast PC category. It's not just because they selected Velocity Micro, but more because they were dedicated to their enthusiast customer to listen and bring them the products they wanted. They really get this category, and they are seriously committed to meeting the needs of customers looking for a better PC experience. The investment in the products and shelf space is a major financial vote of confidence in the enthusiast customer, and in the category as a whole. You will continue to see Circuit City embrace this space and bring more products to meet your needs like very few other retailers can. If you want a better PC experience, show them your support.

Let me finish with some more of the details. Velocity Micro goes on sale in select Circuit City stores all around America on July 22nd. They will offer several Velocity Micro brand performance desktop models in stock priced under $2000, with more selection on Further, they will be the exclusive retail launch partner for our brand new NoteMagix X20 series of high end notebook computers, featuring a gorgeous 15.4" widescreen display (my favorite size for portability versus performance), the latest Intel Core 2 Duo dual core desktop processors, and cutting edge Nvidia 8M series graphics that will handle any DirectX 10 game or video application coming out this year and beyond. Look for this powerful notebook computer in stores and online also on July 22nd, and starting well under $2000.

Welcome to the Velocity Micro family, Circuit City, and thank you for your commitment to the enthusiast PC category!
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A New Face at Velocity Micro
Posted by Nikki Stoll - Manager, Marketing & Communications

Hey-hey everyone! Although I probably won’t start all of my blogs this way, I figured my introduction could be the exception to the rule. I’m the new Marketing and Communications Manager here at Velocity Micro. Kate Ashley, our former Director of Marketing and Communications, has transitioned to the retail side of the business as the Director of the Retail Channel. So, here I am…bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to be more active in this blog. I was thinking we could start it off by getting some quick and easy feedback….

What do you want to read about? What can we do to make this blog more interesting for you, our customer? Drop me a line and let me know what you’re thinking – I’m all ears!

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