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Velocity Micro Digital Cable Tuners Update
Posted by Chris Morley

Just wanted to give you all a quick heads up on the status of Digital Cable Tuners!

We received our stock of tuners and have been furiously finishing the systems that have been waiting for them. As a result, you should see your order progress through the queue and you will be receiving emails accordingly. Lead times for all CineMagix are now reduced to be in line with our other products.

For those of you lucky enough to have a digital cable tuner already, we will be posting the updated firmware on our support hub along with instructions on how to install it shortly.

Thanks for your patience!
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A Line In The Sand
Posted by Chris Morley

The Velocity Micro Raptor DCX recently scored an 8.7 and an Editor’s Choice Award at CNET. In their words, it “might be the best PC we’ve ever seen from [Velocity Micro].”

So why was this such a killer product? As a close partner with AMD and Intel, we were able to outfit this system with the latest graphics technology; the AMD ATI Radeon HD 2900XT, and Intel's fantastic quad-core CPUs. But it wasn’t speed that won the gold – it was keeping the configuration customer-centric. What would you really spend your money on?

CNET has lamented in the past that they have resigned themselves to high performance machines costing more than $5000. We delivered a system that was tricked out at under $4,000. With the introduction of the Radeon HD 2900XT, AMD seems to be pulling back from the ever increasing price of high performance video cards. We like that mentality, and the product fits the bill. It delivers a great alternative at a very acceptable price point. It’s not the fastest, but it’s extremely feature rich with 100% bitstream offloading for next generation high definition media and HDMI plus audio standard. That is where it stands apart from the competition.

So, with a robust graphics solution sitting at a price that’s easier to swallow, we outfitted the machine with other components that also made sense, including the very affordable Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor. Anyone can slap in the most expensive parts to win a review. It takes a little more verve to demonstrate system design that is in tune with what a larger group of customers are really willing to pay for. Everyone wants the halo product, but not everyone can afford it. We sent CNET a system that a high school student could afford over a summer break of mowing lawns, and CNET agreed with our philosophy. We delivered superior bang for the buck than the competition, and did it so more of our customers could afford the ultimate PC experience.

Looking for an Editor's Choice winner that features NVIDIA SLI? Check out the Gamers' Edge PCX which won an Editor's Choice and a score of 91% in this month's issue of PC Gamer.
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Welcome Overdrive!
Posted by Randy Copeland - Founder

Over many years of simply amazing growth at Velocity Micro, I have enjoyed watching as we met every challenge with (sometimes) astounding ease. We are already outgrowing our new 32,000 square foot facility in Richmond and will open a new sales & marketing center across the street this month. We have successfully met the needs of retail customers by partnering with Best Buy to offer our computers in over 350 stores all across America.

Today marks yet another milestone in Velocity Micro's history: the acquisition of Overdrive PC. There are plenty of reasons for making a move like this - let me share my rationale.

First, the fact of the matter is that Overdrive PC builds incredibly fast computers, often faster in the press reviews than Velocity (and everyone else in the high end space, for that matter). I came to understand that the secret to this track record was pure and simple - great technology. Hyperclocking is their trade term for the Overdrive PC method of reliably overclocking the core components beyond stock speeds, and nobody is consistently better at this than Overdrive has been. I will bring this to more mainstream customers this year under the Velocity Micro brand.

Second, Overdrive has an endless offering of ultra high end options and any combination of custom choices a customer could think of. At Velocity we have always positioned ourselves as the high end of the mainstream with real world pricing even on our highest end products. To make an analogy, we see ourselves as BMW of the industry. With the addition of the Overdrive brand, we can now clearly differentiate the exotic custom systems from the premium mainstream, without the need to compromise either brands' rich heritage or market strength. Returning to my analogy, now we have a Ferrari too.

Third, I have watched with considerable interest as the huge multinational computer companies have scooped up other gaming boutiques in an effort to grab credibility among enthusiasts. Instead I decided to add innovation to our technology portfolio instead to continue building our own reputation and strength. Adding resources like our financial strength, our national distribution channels, our manufacturing capabilities, and our in house tech support will only enhance Overdrive PC’s offerings and appeal. Hyperclocking and a few other cool technologies that Overdrive has developed will make reliably overclocked mainstream computers possible and accessible to many more PC enthusiasts.

The sum total of these synergies between our companies will result in a stronger Velocity Micro and a stronger player in the computer industry. I am very aware of the many challenges our much larger competitors are planning for the traditional boutiques, and we are poised to meet them now more than ever. The simple fact is that we are growing our technology lead in performance computing with this acquisition, and that makes us ready to compete against all comers, regardless of size or market cap.

So now the real fun begins. Integrating Overdrive PC into our existing operations will be both rewarding and occasionally trying. We’ve mapped our strategies for bringing in the new brand (from building separate production areas and creating new research and development resources to preparing our customer care team and concierges). We’re ready and I can’t wait to see the exciting benefits we’ll bring customers in the months ahead.
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