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Enter into the brave new world of Vista
Posted by Kate Ashley - Executive Director, Marketing & Retail Channel

We are now in day two of official Vista. Velocity Micro PCs with Vista Ultimate and Vista Premium are on shelves at over 300 Best Buy stores across the country. Orders have been pouring in on our website. Our Vista-based PCs are selling like the proverbial hot cakes.

And now your options are limitless. You can check out Vista today on any Velocity Micro PC on display at Best Buy and see what this new operating system is all about. Is Aero as cool as everyone says? How about the security features? And once you're satisfied that Vista is everything and more, you can tuck that Velocity Micro PC under your arm (after a brief visit to the cashier) and walk out the door with the first Vista PC on the block. And if you want something tailor made for you, you can order it right now at

We’ve had a lot of fun with Vista in the past couple months, preoperatively testing to ensure seamless integration into our PCs and building a substantial knowledge base for Vista support. Now that Vista is here, we’re excited to share this amazing and intuitive operating system with all our customers.

We feel confident that we can guide you through any questions or obstacles you might confront with this new OS. Call us any time night or day. Or visit our Vista HQ. Worried about potential problems should you commit to Vista? We've got dedicated Vista support - right here.
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Hail To The King, Baby
Posted by Chris Morley

It's awesome working for Velocity Micro. We've just successfully moved our products all over to Vista, and it's been quite a haul. We have put a lot of time and effort into this transition to make sure that we deliver the best solutions our customers could ever ask for. We're among the first, and even Microsoft has been impressed with some of the back end deployment accomplishments we have made, well ahead of our competition. Huge props go out to everyone involved, including production, marketing, support, sales, and research and development - all of you guys and gals are awesome.

Lately I've talked a LOT about our new home theater systems based around Vista Media Center, the CineMagix Grand Theater and the CineMagix Pro Cinema. Both of these systems are capable of high definition media playback - OTA HDTV, Blu-ray, and even digital cable. We couldn't be happier. Of course, it's a great excuse to get cable drops in our R&D lab and all the premium packages. We leave some of our media centers running so they can record in high definition all the prime time shows that we love - 24, The Office, Scrubs, etc...then we use Media Center to burn copies for those who want to watch it at home. All very cool technology, and it really brings the PC into the living room in a way that hasn't been done before.

I've always found it odd that some manufacturers try to shoe horn a desktop into the living room. I think that's the exact opposite of how it should be done. When we sat down and sketched out our plans for our media centers, we started on the couch. What did we want to do and how easy can we make it for our customers? To give you a specific example, while I love having PVR functionality in my cable box, it's clunky and prone to quirks that are very annoying - like going "live" when it finishes recording a show that I may be watching with a 5 minute delay. It happens often, and my wife is probably tired of hearing me say "I cannot WAIT for our media centers to launch so I don't have to deal with this anymore." I then have to fast forward from the beginning to the point that I was "kicked out." I don't have to worry about that anymore, but if I ever have to fast forward, it's about 30x faster than my cable box, which is awesome if you've ever tried to fast forward through an hour of programming.

So all the features that we wanted to have came from deficiencies in consumer electronics. We wanted better up scaling DVD performance, so we went with PureVideo HD and AVIVO technology that uses GPU power to clean up standard definition DVDs. The result is awesome and with a 128 score in HQV, a popular home theater benchmarking tool, the resulting image quality is equal to that of $3,000 DVD players. So starting at half that price, you can get a Velocity Micro media center - the CineMagix series home theater system - with 10-bit video processing. Cool, huh?
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More Than A Pretty Face
Posted by Chris Morley

A lot has been said about the graphical features of Vista, and they sure do look good. But not much has been said about how cool some of the features and technologies are!

Here's a quick run-down for those who are looking forward to Vista:

Under the hood
  • SuperFetch - what's the point of having gobs of memory if it isn't utilized? Vista "learns" your computing habits and caches important files to memory in order to make the programs that you run every day start faster and react quicker.
  • IPv6 - This new revision to the Internet Protocol has been fully integrated into Vista. It allows for several enhancements to network performance.
  • Windows Search - similar to the Google Desktop, this indexed search technology significantly enhances the speed of searching your computer for documents, email, or media.
  • Enhanced Core Technologies - improvements have been made to the memory manager, process scheduler, heap manager, and I/O scheduler.

Applications Galore

  • Aero - the premiere feature of Vista, this 3D rendered desktop looks great, feels great, and allows for some very nifty management of open programs with Flip 3D and real-time thumbnail previews in your task bar.
  • SideBar - a panel docked on the right of your screen where you can place Gadgets, small programs designed for specific purposes, like a CPU and memory tachometer, calendar, RSS feeds, and many more. Completely customizable.
  • Internet Explorer 7 - supports tabbed browsing, improved web standards, and runs in protected mode for enhanced security.
  • Windows Media Player 11 - a very robust reworking of Media Player, users can "search as they type," which brings up results as you type in your query. It is also features a new, highly graphical interface, and supports the ability to share your media library with other Vista machines, XBOX 360, or Media Center Extenders.
  • Windows Mail - the replacement for Outlook Express, this new mail client now features the junk mail filtering of its big brother, Outlook. It also features a realtime search, a relief to those of us with a lot of mail!
  • Windows Calendar - a new calendar and task application, it further adds Outlook functionality for free in Vista.
  • Windows Photo Gallery - a photo and video management application that can import from digital cameras, tag pictures with keywords, adjust colors and exposure, create and display slideshows, and then burn them to DVD.
  • Windows DVD Maker - the sister application to Windows Movie Maker, DVD Maker is a robust DVD authoring program that allows you to create custom DVDs with menus, chapters, and more.
  • Windows Movie Maker - my personal favorite, the new Movie Maker is finally useful. Now you can capture HDV footage (YES!), utilize the power of your graphics card to enable real-time previews of transitions and effects, and then finally, FINALLY be able to burn it all to DVD.
  • Media Center - OK, I think THIS really is my personal favorite. Media Center is now bundled with Vista Home Premium and Ultimate. It better supports HDTVs, and, drumroll please, supports digital cable! Get rid of that clunky cable box and forget TiVo! Also, Blu-ray and HD-DVD are finally supported, albeit with a 3rd party application. But boy, do they look good!
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Microsoft Vista is a go on Saturday, January 27th!
Posted by Chip Lowell - VP Sales and Marketing

In November I blogged about the pro's and con's of getting your new PC right now (back then) or wait until Microsoft Vista came out. Well, now the point is moot! Vista is here -- we have it running all over the office and tweaked and ready to sell on our new Velocity Micro PCs starting Saturday!

Good news for those of you who bought a PC already -- the Vista upgrade process is smooth. Just pop in your Vista disc and tell it to go! It's actually pretty smart. If it sees you have incompatible software or hardware, it tells you right away without making you waste your time doing the install and then hosing on reboot. You can remove the unworkable software -- or get the latest for Vista -- and try again. For any hardware issues, give our Customer Care team a call and they will help you find available drivers.

So no need to wait for your new kick butt Velocity Micro PC with Vista! Want some details? See our Vista Launch Central for all the options.
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Vista is coming soon (very very soon)
Posted by Kate Ashley - Executive Director, Marketing & Retail Channel

We’re counting the days to Vista, literally. Being the geeks that we are, we have been so excited about the launch that we’ve even created a shrine to the new operating system, our Vista “Launch Central.” It is devoted entirely to Vista and its imminent arrival on January 30th. Vista Launch Central is your source for all everything Vista. Check it out now to find a ton of useful information!

Vista “Launch Central” features:
  • A countdown to the second you can order your Velocity Micro PC with Vista!
  • Our Vista Buying Guide with Vista information and hardware requirements
  • Free stuff! New sales promotions that we’ll constantly add to every 48 hours until Vista’s arrival!
  • Resources and direct contact information for answers to all your Vista questions

We’re bubbling over with excitement, so we will be posting constantly, keeping you updated until you can get your new Velocity Micro PC with Vista! Be sure to check back here for more on Vista tomorrow.

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CES - day three - why we're here
Posted by Kate Ashley - Executive Director, Marketing & Retail Channel

Today wrapped up in spectacular fashion - successful meetings with our partners, great conversations with some new friends in the media, and quasi celebrity sightings in the casino (it was either Steven Tyler or Slash, I'm sure).

When I meet folks here at CES, their first question is usually - do you have a booth here? At first glance it might seem like common sense to exhibit our award winning systems in our own booth at the world's largest ce trade show, instead of in partners' booths as we do today. But here's why we don't and why we don't plan to in the future:

1. the cost - you'd think with 2,700 exhibiting companies dividing up 1.7 million square feet of show floor, it might not be so bad. But the truth is that it's incredibly expensive just to rent the floor space, never mind the cost of renting the equpiment, setting up the booth, staffing it and breaking it down. Many companies spend millions of dollars on their CES booths. We'd prefer to keep that money and invest it in our award winning PCs, instead of passing the cost onto our customers.
2. freedom - not being anchored to a booth gives us a lot more freedom to walk the show, meet people, and check out the latest products and technologies - something that's infinitely useful to our customers and the development of our product lines.
3. the audience - most exhibitors at CES are looking for customers. Velocity isn't in that boat since the majority of our customers are direct consumers. So it makes more sense for us to spend our time working on our goals and objectives. What are those goals? Keep reading...

We have three main purposes at CES. The first is to meet the press and get coverage of our systems to help spread the word about Velocity Micro (this is why we feature our systems in our partners' booths). The second is to support our industry partners and meet up with them. Everyone in the industry makes it to CES so it's a perfect place to hold meetings with just about everybody. And finally, we come to build relationships with some of our largest customers - like Best Buy.

CES 2007 has been an incredible show. You'll soon see some of the fruits of this event in our product lines - especially Velocity Micro notebooks and media center PCs . Keep checking in for updates and we will keep you posted on all new developments.

Thanks for your support!
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CES day 2.5 - things continue to be crazy
Posted by Kate Ashley - Executive Director, Marketing & Retail Channel

Another wild day on the show floor (my apologies for posting this technically on the 3rd day of CES - late nights and early mornings are not the blogger's friend).

Monday night we had a great dinner with our friends from AMD and ATI, who seem to have passed through the painful stages of the coming together and are starting to emerge into the other side. It was fun to see them get to know each other more and to get to know them as a joint entity. I'm excited about what they will deliver in this new year.

After dinner Monday, Microsoft threw a party and had a little Vegas act there to entertain. The Pussycat Dolls were a big hit and everyone had a great time. With Vista launching later this month, everyone was in the mood to celebrate.

Tuesday was a typical Velocity day at CES. We met with partners, media, and even bumped into some competitors. I shared a ride over to the Convetion Center with Mario, the founder of Overdrive PC. I really enjoyed meeting him. This is a classic example of something I love about our space. Even though we're technically competitors, the PC bunch is a very friendly group and while we still go after the same customers, none of us take ourselves seriously enough to be anything but friendly. I've met the founders and associates of all our major competitors (Kelt from Falcon, Rahul from Voodoo, Alex and Nelson from Alienware) and it's a geeky kind of fraternity - more on that in a later post. But I believe this attitude and approach are something general throughout the industry, which makes it a very exciting place to be.

Tuesday we also had meetings with some potential partners who may help us do some dramatic things to our product lines - more to come on that. We also had an absolutely great meeting with Intel - we're very pleased with what they're up to these days and continue to expect great things from them.

Today holds - you guessed it - more meetings with partners and media. It's also our last day at the show. Check back from update later tonight.
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CES - off and running (day one)
Posted by Kate Ashley - Executive Director, Marketing & Retail Channel

Today was the launch of the 40th International CES.

Today's highlights:
1. Seeing the entire gaming section in the Microsoft booth powered by Velocity Micro's award winning gaming PCs. (over 40 PCs in all!)
2. Playing with the Raptor Signature Edition in Intel's booth
3. Checking out some of the coolest of the 2,700 exhibitors at the show

Today Randy and I met with partners like Microsoft and some friends in the media. Our partners are working with us to develop some really amazing new products.

It's an overwhelming show - the largest of its kind in the world. After taking more time to walk the show tomorrow, I look forward to sharing more about the show tomorrow.

Last night, Velocity Micro exhibited at Digital Experience! - we showed off our Raptor Signature Edition, the NoteMagix L80 Ultra, and our (soon to launch) CineMagix Grand Theater System. Digital Experience! is a pre-show event that gives editors and journalists a chance to see the most exciting new products the show has to offer without the crush of the crowd. It was a great show- we met with a lot of key media, including Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal. The CineMagix Grand Theater System (launching very soon) was a huge hit. We can't wait to share it with you soon.

Stay posted for more updates tomorrow.
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What a Year!
Posted by Randy Copeland - Founder

In saying farewell to 2006, I couldn’t help but reflect on what an incredible year it was - a tremendous year of explosive growth and achievement, which would not have been possible without the support of the many people who contribute daily to Velocity Micro’s success.

First, I would like to thank our many happy customers. You are the reason that Velocity Micro exists and continues to grow. By demanding the best, you inspire us to deliver the best and constantly look for new ways to exceed your expectations. I hope that you will continue to give us the privilege of building your PCs.

I thank our partners for working with us to provide the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology in our award-winning PCs, and Best Buy for continuing to work with us to deliver our ultra performance PCs to mainstream users online and in their stores.

I am grateful for the recognition and praise we have received from the industry press, and I appreciate the time you take to review our products. Your input constantly raises the bar in quality and performance, always driving us to create the most innovative and highest performing PCs available.

To the Velocity team: Thank you for your passion and dedication, and for putting in 150% every day to provide our customers with the ultimate PC experience.

Finally, I thank our competitors for keeping us on our toes and empowering us to work even harder to build the perfect PCs and the perfect PC experience.

Here’s a look back at 2006:

January - Velocity Micro launches the AMD Athlon FX-60 processor in its gaming PCs and digital media systems. The Raptor 64 DualX wins PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice award.

March - The Velocity Raptor Signature Edition becomes the first PC to include Quad SLI.

May – Best Buy and Velocity Micro launch a revolutionary Build to Order Program on

July – Intel Core 2 processors launch. Velocity Micro is the world’s first to offer Core 2-based systems on retail shelves. PC World awards the Vector GX Campus Edition its “Best Buy” designation. PC Magazine gives the system an Editors’ Choice award.

August - Velocity Micro moves to its new headquarters in Richmond, VA with more than four times the space of our previous facility. Chris Morley from [H]ardOCP and Iggy Castillo from Alienware join the Product Development team. Velocity Micro releases its first Core 2 Duo notebook, the NoteMagix L80 Ultra.

September – Introduction of the new Vector Pro line of performance desktop PCs for business with Intel vPro technology. Velocity Micro releases its first retail notebook at Best Buy, the NoteMagix L80x Ultra. At IDF, we unveil Velocity Micro PCs based on Intel Core 2 QX6700 processors (with four processing cores).

November - Velocity Micro launches workstations and gaming PCs based on quad core processors from Intel and AMD. [H]ardOCP recognizes Velocity Micro with its coveted Editors’ Choice award for the Gamers’ Edge PCX.

December - Velocity Micro wins Consumer Reports’ Best Specialty PC Award and the Best Overall Value Award in the “[H] Consumer Best of the Best Awards – 2006.”
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