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Velocity Micro Force Multipliers!
Posted by Chris Morley

Force multiplication is a military term that refers to various factors that may dramatically increase the combat effectiveness of a military unit. They are what would allow a smaller force to defeat a seemingly larger force in terms of sheer size. In the case of advanced western military forces, the largest factor would be technology. While a less advanced army may have many men with lots of guns, a smaller force with better guns and better training may have the upper hand.

The point is, things are not always what they seem on paper.

The same goes with computer specs that you may see on paper. Many people buy according to the amount of RAM, the speed of a processor, or the size of a hard drive. Similarly, they might choose their gaming computer solely by the amount of RAM on a video card.

At Velocity Micro, we look for higher performing components in any given category that, taken together, give us force multiplication to outperform the competitions' deceptively similar specifications.

Higher quality memory with lower timings and faster clock frequencies, faster motherboards with better features and higher performing architectures, the best in 3D graphics technology, along with the latest drivers, BIOSs, and a clean Windows installation can each contribute to a couple percent performance improvements. Taken together, however, these force multipliers allow us to outstrip many of the larger OEMs in benchmarks and everyday use.

Two prime examples would be our Gamers’ Edge 1000 and Gamers’ Edge 1500. These seemingly innocuous systems are finely tuned and well balanced for gamers on a budget. While similarly priced systems from our larger competitors may sport obscenely large hard drives or chopped down versions of more powerful video cards in order to win a paper “spec war,” we are offering what we believe to be the best “bang for your buck” when it comes to gaming. That means powerful NVIDIA 7- or 8-series graphics (no low end 7300’s here!), the ability to double your power with SLI, and a power supply with enough juice to power any future upgrades. Even our highly-praised $899 Vector GX Holiday Edition is superbly suited for gaming or digital content creation on a budget – with Intel Core 2 power to boot!

We’ve seen some of our larger competitors put out systems with over 500MB of system memory eaten up just at startup. Our systems typically use less than half of that. As an editor, I saw bloated system loads like this account for a 15% decrease in performance in World Bench, a real world benchmarking tool that simulates every day usage of a computer.

So, when comparing specifications and price, keep in mind that performance-oriented builders like Velocity Micro do not sacrifice an individual component’s performance just to cut costs. Rather, know that when you get a Velocity Micro PC, you are purchasing hardware that is running at 100% (or 110% if you choose some of our optimization options!) And nobody wants to pay 100% for 85% of the performance.

Running late on ordering your Velocity Micro PC in time for the holidays? Don’t forget we sell the same quality computer at Best Buy, and systems are ready to walk out the door in over 300 stores nationwide!
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What's on your wish list?
Posted by Kate Ashley - Executive Director, Marketing & Retail Channel

Yikes! It's been entirely too quiet on the Velocity blog. For that, I apologize. We're in full on holiday mode, making sure we get all these PCs shipped out before the holidays begin. Holiday Editions, our custom notebooks, and our gaming PCs are the most popular systems this year.

To truly get in to the holiday spirit Velocity Micro style, I'd like to introduce you to our new holiday headquarters. Here you can find gift buying guides, the latest news on new Velocity Micro PCs, downloadable wallpapers and icons for your desktop, and special deals on our custom built, award winning PCs.

You might notice that Chip and Chris have recently posted their holiday wish lists. What's on yours? Send your holiday wish list to me (at kate dot ashley at I'll have some very festive prizes waiting for the five lucky folks chosen at random from the entries. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Happy Holidays
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